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Our rescues are not stuffed toys! (by cihangirheartofrescue)

I would like to share this from www. with permission of the author (friends there)

"We had a tough week.

One of our rescues,Iplik,loved and known by so many now, left us in matter of 5 days ,losing half of his body weight in an uremic shock.
Çiğdem,the rescuer of Iplik,was devastated to say the least during his transition.
It took two days and nights for him to leave us,at the end of which we had agreed that euthanasia would be a kind choice for our baby as his suffering had reached to an unbearable level, we saw if we did not choose so we would dishonor him.

We spent our last week-end at the clinic and slept on the floor (yes bare floor) together  to accompany him during that time, which gave us time to question many things about life,death,medicine,animals and ethics.
Personally, I never felt it was my right to decide about the last breath of an animal.For me, it is a blasphemy to think we ,as human beings can have a word on the life or on the death of another being. This feeling comes from a deep respect of natural world rather than religion or belief.
Yet,I can not describe you the last experience with our beloved Iplik,and to honor his memory I will not go into the details about his last moments but to say the least,he wanted to live despite his extremely thin,at the edge body.He hanged on to life like no one would,making us feel ashamed of our frustration about life at large.He did not want to leave us,yet his body did not permit him to stay…It took 2 days and nights for him to leave us on his own.
Death should not be a tragedy.

While we were struggling with life and death decisions my phone and emails did not stop flowing.Until that day,I arrogantly thought things had a way of working by them-selves…I was mistaken.
Between all the chaos and stormy feelings,I was obliged to sort out what to do with transports,flight expenses,fosters consultations and vaccinations…and…with the adoptants that never showed up to pick up their animals.


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